Why Music?

Music saves lives

Anxiety & stress management

Musical practice is meditative

Improves sleep

Flow—peak human experience

Social development

Develops teamwork skills

Develops grit

Teaches cultural history

Improves school grades

Teaches patience

Increases memory

Increases concentration & focus

Improves coordination

Increases responsibility

Music changes lives, even saves lives.

Lessons in Piano, Guitar and Drums are taught, specializing in improvisation, jazz, and contemporary music.  Each week, students enter their lessons with no expectations except to have fun playing their instrument.  The goal is to give new students the gift of a life full of music. Fun and inspiring lessons will develop students’ relationship with music into a strong and healthy one.  Learning musical skills and concepts is a result of the focused repertoire development. By focusing primarily on repertoire, students are able to get together and play with friends—do the things musicians do—sooner than if they were stuck in the practice room doing exercises.  

“My goal is to create lifelong musicians out of these kids who come to me—and fun is the number one way to do it” — Tim Lumnah

Interested? Email lessons@timlumnah.com with questions or for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The overall expansive approach to learning music sets my students’ learning apart from other music lessons.  Each week, students come in with no expectations except to have fun playing their instrument.

It’s a privilege to inspire young people to live a life full of music. One of the best gifts is the gift of a healthy relationship with music.

There is always an assessment period for the first few weeks to determine the student’s level, knowledge, and interests.  Once a better understanding is established, we can move forward with a typical lesson strategy, which involves a heavy focus on repertoire so the student can start playing with friends as soon as possible.  For example, at the beginning of every lesson, I ask the student what questions they have from our last lesson, how they feel about things we’ve talked about in general, and briefly summarize the topics that we’ve worked on.

Lessons are taught primarily in Attleboro, Massachusetts.  In-home or online lessons are considered case-by-case.  If you’re interested in lessons in Boston, note that in your sign-up form.

Lesson pricing is calculated competitively by duration and location.  Contact us to learn more.

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